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Arts In Education Services:

I. Staffing Development

II. AIE On-Site Residencies

AIE Artist Roster (FY08/09)

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Circuit Productions Inc. (CPI) is supported, in part, with public funds from New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

*Rhythm Journeys: Masters of World Music and Dance, was made possible with funds provided by New York State Council on the Arts, A State Agency, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, The New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, provided additional support to Circuit Productions, Inc.

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Arts In Education Workshops and Performances

Circuit Productions and PS28/Warren Prep Academy presented "Aloha Hawaii" with teaching Artist Kaina Quenga, June 2018. A Cultural After School Adventures (CASA) event.

hula pics

PS28/Warren Prep Academy presented "Stories, Songs, & Dance from the Poui Tree" with Michael Manswell, teaching artist & Something Positive Dance Theater, 2018. A Cultural After School Adventures (CASA) event.


kaina quenga

Kaina Quenga at P.S 770, AIE program, 2015

See the program from final performance


Humphrey Visits Brooklyn (CPI CASA 2014 / Cycle 2) from Skip Blumberg.

Led by teaching artists Mickey Davidson and Dexter Jones, vigorous choreography and swing music come to P.S. 12 kindergarteners in Brooklyn, a CASA program produced by Circuit Productions, Inc. www.circuitproductions.org


Thank you cards from Arts in Education programs- Spring 2015


casa 1

CASA (Cultural After School Adventures) program, May 15, 2013
Celebrating the dance and performance achievements of the students of P.S. 12/Dr. Jacqueline Peek/Davis School
Photo c. Paul Handelman

casa 3
casa 2
casa 5

Feedback from the field from tap dancer Max Pollak after a recent show at PS 770K in Brooklyn: What a great experience all around! The teachers were really friendly, helpful and efficient! The students were incredibly well behaved, highly energetic and enthusiastic about participating. Even the security guard was really nice and very interested in the performance! She told me she could only listen from her desk outside the auditorium but loved listening and grooving to it. As performers my percussionist and I had a ball performing for everyone. Some of the students approached me afterwards to express how much they enjoyed the show. A few of them said they also had European parents!

Thank you cards for Max Pollak from PS 770K in Brooklyn

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Over 20 Years of Arts In Education (AIE) Services

Circuit Productions, Inc. has been providing the New York City Arts-in-Education (AIE) community cultural services for over two decades. Below is an overview of our Department of Education programs and partners in the last three-year cycle:

I. Professional Staffing Development

Partners: LaGuardia Community College (CUNY), Former Community School Districts 24Q, 25Q, 29Q and 30Q. (Goals 2000; Gear Up; College Now! Saturday Workshops); school districts citywide.

Program: In-Service Training Courses for Teachers

Programs: Student Training and Development Workshops
Public School Partners: NYC, Kings, Queens, Bronx, Nassau Counties

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II. AIE On-Site Residencies

Partners: Symphony Space, Museum of the City of New York, CUNY LaGuardia, Regions: City-wide

Programs: Residencies and Student Workshops

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AIE Artist Roster

Music: Annette A. Aguilar and Stringbeans / Harlem Blues and Jazz Band

Dance: Charles Moore Dance Theatre / Dance and Drums of Africa / DeWitt Flemming & Friends /
Féraba: African Rhythm Tap Dance Co. / Keep the Country Dancing / Mickey D and the Savoy Swingers
/ Clyde Wilder & The Harlem Swingers / Max Pollak & RumbaTap

Theatre: The Burdetsky Family Circus / Chinese Theatre Works

Annette A. Aguilar and Stringbeans is a Latin Jazz ensemble that incorporates Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian rhythms along with other world music forms including Jazz, Folk and Classical Music. The group engages, educates and encourages audience participation in their samba jamboree where a wide variety of percussion instruments make it feel like a real celebration of life and music! The ensemble has appeared at 3rd Street Music School, the Guggenheim, the Whitney Museum and nightclubs in New York City. < view artists' full profile >

Harlem Blues and Jazz Band is the world's most authentic swing band. It stars veteran jazz and blues musicians and vocalist, all founders of swing. The musicians' average age is 75 with a combined 500 years of performing experience! Their roots reach to the classic period of the 20's and the 30's. Together since 1973, these "originals" actually "jumped" at the Woodside and "stomped" at the Savoy with Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, "Fats" Waller, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and other jazz greats. < view artists' full profile >

The Burdetsky Family Circus a Russian trained ensemble – the Burdetsky’s worked with the renowned Moscow circus. Includes magic, acrobatics, comedy, trained dancing dogs. A pure delight!
< view artists' full profile >

Charles Moore Dance Theatre celebrates the beauty and heritage of the African Diaspora in a performance of explosive percussion. The company performs traditional music from Africa, the West Indies, Brazil and the Caribbean. Hands-on workshops, dance and drumming residencies and professional staff development are available (also Dances & Drums of Africa). < view artists' full profile >

Chinese Theatre Works preserves and promotes the traditional Chinese performing arts of Peking Opera and Shadow Theater, creating new works that fuse the forms and esthetic spirits of both Chinese and Western theater and puppetry. A variety of programs available including assembly programs, short and in-depth workshops and residencies, lecture demonstrations and professional staff development.
< view artists' full profile >
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Dance and Drums of Africa presents West African and Caribbean music and dance of the highest caliber. Featuring drumming protégés of the late Chief Bey – legendary West African master drummer – and a team of extraordinary dancers. Complete with beautiful costumes, extraordinary music, choreography, and narration. The company has appeared at BAM’s Dance Africa, Celebrate Brooklyn, South Street Seaport and on PBS’s Great Performances.

DeWitt Flemming & Friends present "Jazz and Tap: A Perfect Friendship". This lecture/dem discusses and demonstrates the similarities of the history of tap and jazz. The presentation focuses on the complementary aspects of the music and dance. In a sense, the concept reinforces the elements of sharing, and friendship – as well as how instruments (including the feet) communicate with each other. The presentation incorporates the African drum idea of “Call and Response” which elicits strong audience participation. It will also touch on musical elements including: a bar of music, musical notes and the importance of the count. Finally, jazz instrumentation will be discussed with the tap shoe as an instrument. Students will be encouraged to participate playing percussion instruments -some joining the performers, onstage.

Féraba: African Rhythm Tap Dance Co.As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to community outreach, Féraba offers master classes, workshops and artistic residencies in schools, colleges, dance studios, community centers, and libraries. Féraba members are all experienced teachers and have taught in Africa, Europe and throughout the USA. Members have served as teaching artists in the New York City area for the last 10 years. They have conducted staff developments for teachers, and are familiar with the Blueprint educational standards. Each program is custom designed to meet the needs of your organization. This highly energetic and entertaining company educates and enlightens.< view artists' full profile >

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Keep the Country Dancing brings the sound of country music and percussive footwork together in an exuberant performance celebrating American music and dance. These hand-clapping tunes of the Southern Appalachian Mountains accompany the dancers as they demonstrate rural American square dancing, clogging, and tap dancing. A highly participatory presentation is available for lecture/demonstrations, assembly programs and professional staff development. < view artists' full profile >

Mickey D and the Savoy Swingers explores the relationship of all forms of Afro-American music and dance, from the ancient African past to the present day styles of rap and jazz. Their repertoire includes African, early African-American folk traditions, Tap, Sand-Dancing, Lindy Hop and Modern Dance. The Savoy Swingers, collectively and individually, have been seen at the Village Gate, Lincoln Center and the 651 at BAM. The group has performed with the Count Basie Orchestra and has appeared in the critically acclaimed National Geographic special “Jitterbug” and Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X. < view artists' full profile >

Clyde Wilder & The Harlem Swingers
< view artists' full profile >

Max Pollak & RumbaTap
< view artists' full profile >
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Vendor & Listing Contract Information

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Listing Contract #: 6159568

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