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The Puppeteers' Cooperative
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Circuit Productions Inc. (CPI) is supported, in part, with public funds from New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Sara Peattie & The Puppeteers' Cooperative

The Puppeteers' Cooperative

Sara Peattie & The Puppeteers' Cooperative: a group of artists and puppeteers working in cities around the nation to create giant puppet parades, pageants, and ceremonies of celebration and complaint, using simple materials and movements to build community cardboard extravaganzas. We have worked with groups around the US and Canada, from Nova Scotia in the North to Florida in the South, and with festivals including the Atlanta Arts Festival and the Bumbershoot Festival of Seattle, creating semi-instantaneous pageants, art installations, and parades.

Our massive pageants at the Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival in New York have explored neurosis and traffic jams in "Romeo and Juliet in New York City", space and parrots in "The Tempest on Mars", the highway system from Troy to Ithaca in "The Odyssey" fear of Da Mayor in "Metropolis", and city as circus in "Grand Meg-o-lopolis Circus".

Our 'Triumph of the Arts" parades with the Governor's Institute on the Arts of Vermont have become a beloved tradition. Puppeteers from the Puppeteers' Cooperative have worked with First Night of Boston and First Night International and with First Night celebrations around the country since their inception, creating both experimental commissioned parade works and sections, and spirited and colorful community group parade pieces.

The Puppeteers Cooperative specializes in community workshops, giant puppets, pageants, and parades. It includes The Back Alley Puppet Theater, which operates the Puppet Free Library, Puppaganda, which works in toy theater and video, and The Construction Section, which builds puppets and masks..It also runs an informational website about making giant puppets: http://puppetco-op.org/.

Watch a videos of pagaents and workshops http://puppetco-op.org/video.htm