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Complete Artist Roster

* Arts-in-Education (AIE) programs: Assemblies, Professional Development and/or Workshops available.

+ One or more senior artists participating in the ensemble.


Annette Aguilar & Stringbeans * Latin/Brazilian

Charles Moore Percussion Ensemble
Percussion of the African Diaspora

Féraba: African music and percussion *
West African music & percussion

Harlem Blues & Jazz Band +*
Rhythm & Blues/Jazz

Heritage O.P. *
Acoustic Percussion/
African Diaspora

Kevin Nathaniel *
Mbira and percussion

Laura Dreyer
Instrumentalist, composer, educator

Naomi Miller
Klezmer/ Yiddish/ Pop/ Jazz/

Orlando Marin Ensemble
Last Mambo King- Music/Dance

Sarah McLawler & Les Femmes Jazz
Intergeneragional Jazz/Blues music

Sarah McLawler Ensemble
Sarah McLawler on keys.

Senor Lucky Blues Band
Urban Blues ensemble

Sonido Costeno

Tom Smith Ensemble & Big Band +
Contemporary music of
Tony Bennett/Frank Sinatra

Tony Terrell Caribbean Jazz Quartet



Charles Moore Dance Theatre *+
Afro/Caribbean Dance & Percussion

Charles Moore Dance Theatre
Charles Moore Dance Theatre

Clyde Wilder & The Harlem Swingers
Swing/Lindy Hop/African Masquerade/Stilts

Irene Koloseus's Féraba *
Tap, African, Jazz, Funk

Feraba on stage
Féraba performing on staqe.

Max Pollak & RumbaTap *
Tap dance to Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Funk

Michael Manswell
Multi-media performances

Mickey D & Friends *
Tap/Lindy-Hop/Swing Dance

Pat Cannon: Foot & Fiddle Dance Company *
Tap/Clog/Irish/Square Dance

Tina Pratt & The Swinging Seniors +
Tap Dance

Tina Pratt in action
Tina Pratt in action.



Burdetsky Family Circus *
Mime/Juggling/Magic/Dancing Dogs

Burdetsky and family
Burdetsky participates in the AIE program.

Chinese Theatre Works *
Chinese Shadow Puppets/Peking Opera

Contact us for bookings and more information about any of our artists and services.